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Studio Portrait Photographer in Clinton, Maine

I love how the backdrop in this photo perfectly matches the leaf pattern in Kayla’s dress and brings out the depth in her exquisite blue grey eyes. I honestly didn’t intended for this hand painted backdrop to turn out this way. I shoot so many people on the black side of my v-flat and although I love that look, I felt like I needed another backdrop to offer clients. So I painted one.

I started out following a tutorial by my mentor, Sue Bryce. I wanted a gold toned backdrop like hers so I chose a tan color palette for my paints and added them to a white base. The initial tone was light than what I wanted so I added some matte black paint that Ihad picked up at Home Depot. The can says that it dries black, but it looks blue when you open it.

So when I combined that with my yellowish wheat colored acrylics, I got a green tone that I was totally not expecting. But the tone has really started to grow on me (kind of like moss) and it looks amazing when photographed with flash. And with an neutral density filter on my lens it really takes on the original gold tone I was going for so it’s almost like having two backdrops in one!

Location: Wiscasset, Maine.