I’m Kathrynne and I’m a portrait photographer

I believe that there is far too much in this world telling us that we are not worthy of being seen. How many of these things have you thought to yourself? I could be beautiful if I lost thirty pounds. Only young people are beautiful. I would look better if my hair was longer. Nearly all of us have some form of that narrative running through our minds the moment someone pulls out their cell phone at dinner for that infamous table shot. But you put on a fake smile and turn your good side toward the camera and hope that something decent will come of it. You are the reason I am a photographer.

I truly believe I have found my calling in showing every woman her beauty. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what they don’t say is that only a few people have the skills to capture that beauty and show it back to you. That’s what I do. I invite you to a personal session with me. The experience will change the way you see yourself and I want to capture that for you for all time.

It’s time for you to be seen.