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Clinton Family Portrait Photographer

This is my best friend Bridget. I still remember asking my husband if I should become better friends with her. When he said, “Probably”, our fate was sealed. I think when you are close to someone, you often forget to look at the beauty of who they are. Their personality is so beautiful that we often forget to recognize the beauty of the vessel housing that incredible soul. It was my intention to bring that person out when I asked her to come for a makeover and photoshoot with me. I wanted to take the best portrait she had ever seen of herself.

I wanted to show her what I saw when I looked at her: that beautiful soul, an amazing mother, and the best friend a girl could have. I wanted to show her herself through her son’s eyes, as more than a mom, but as his hero. The one who loves him most in this world. For a few moments, I wanted my lens to become my eyes so that I could show her truest self back to her. When she finally saw her finished portraits, these were her words: “I’ve never loved pictures of myself more.” And six of them sit beautifully displayed in her home as an heirloom for all the generations to come. Mission accomplished.

Location: Wiscasset, Maine .