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Senior Portrait Photographer in Clinton, Maine

I have known Kendra since she was born and I was so honored to photograph her in these formative teen years. I feel like her soul really came forward in this photo because it wasn’t really about the styling.

She was wearing a plain long sleeved black t-shirt underneath a lacy black floral summer dress. The backdrop was just plain black paper and the lighting was half contrast backlight as I’ve been taught by the master of portrait photography, Sue Bryce. In this lighting setup, the light source just barely skims over the top of the backdrop to give this incredible halo of glamorous hair light that is so not from the 1980s.

But what really made this portrait incredible were Kendra’s eyes. The kind and thoughtful young lady that everyone knows and loves came forward. She showed my her soul through those eyes and I just happened to click the shutter at the right time. At a time in her life when most girls are struggling to figure out who they are and where they fit, she showed me for the briefest of moments who she was meant to be.

I am honored to have captured her beautiful soul. When we watched the slideshow of her images together her mom squealed with delight at the beauty of her daughter. I believe that I was able to bring out the young woman that everyone who loves her sees.

Location: Wiscasset, Maine.