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Glamour Portrait Photographer in Clinton, Maine

This is one of my very favorite lighting setups to shoot. I have a very large window in my home studio (which doubles as my living room when it’s just me and my husband). I pin up a couple of white sheer curtains to soften the light spilling in through the window. The light is so bright behind them that I have to set up a giant reflector to bounce light back into my client’s face and eyes. And from there I just have to direct my client into a pose! Because this window is a little bit high, I can usually only crop from the waist up with this setup, but it is stunning nonetheless.

I love this lighting setup because it is so ethereal to me. It’s almost angelic and looks best with outfits in lighter tones like white, baby blue, cream, or blush like Bridget is wearing. This was the first time I had attempted shooting with this kind of light and I immediately fell in love. Put a little bit of wind in the hair and finish the image with an Alien Skin Exposure filter and you have an image that will be treasured as an heirloom for life.

Location: Wiscasset, Maine.