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Formal Engagement Photos in Clinton, Maine

Living in a beautiful state like Maine, it’s difficult to resist the background of nature to act as the backdrop for your engagement photos. We have beautiful beautiful springs with lovely apple blossom, gorgeous summers along the Atlantic coast, stunning falls with fiery red maples, and, of course, magnificent winters that leave you wandering through a winter wonderland. With all of those choices, there shouldn’t be any trouble choosing a location for your engagement portraits. But is it possible to have all of that beauty as a backdrop without being upstaged in your photographs? Of course!

When I am photographing a couple, the most important thing in that image is their relationship. The way that he brushes her cheek and he way she leans into his touch with a soft smile. The gentleness of his embrace and the sense of security you can see on her face. The culmination of those little moments reveal the true depth of your relationship. These in between moments repeat over and over, again and again, throughout our lives until one day our children look at that portrait and see a moment they’ve witnessed their entire lives. Because that’s what relationships are made of and no amount of beautiful scenery will ever upstage that.

Location: Canton, Maine.