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Clinton Magazine Style Portrait Photographer

I was so excited and so nervous during this portrait session. It wasn’t because I felt incompetent, but because this is Jess, my first photographic mentor. It’s nerve wracking enough to shoot another photographer! They know what they’re doing which means they also know when you make mistakes. But to photograph the person who taught you a lot of what you know is a whole different experience. So when she asked me to photograph her and her family I was equally nervous and excited.

The fantastic part about working with another photographer is that they know what they’re doing. I make the consultation portion of the photoshoot experience absolutely necessary. This is where my client tells me how they dream of being photographed whether that is casually, glamorously, professionally, or creatively. Jess used words like simple and classic to describe how she wanted to be photographed and this black lace sheath dress nails that look 100%! When selecting outfits for her husband and kiddos, we knew what colors would work well together and how to combine solids with prints.

Finally, I was able to demonstrate a skill that I have gained since striking out on my own as a photographer. This photo was created with a speed light as the only light source through a double diffused five foot octobox. The result stuns by creating natural contouring in the face with light and shadow. When Jess posted these pictures to her Facebook profile, one of the most striking comments compared her to a modern day Mona Lisa! I am so proud to have created such a beautiful portrait of my mentor and friend.

Location: Wiscasset, Maine.