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Tween Portraits in Clinton, Maine

Anna came in for a photoshoot with her family, and while I absolutely believe in the value and power of the family portrait, I also believe that each member of the family should have their own portrait. Having your own individual portrait shows that each person is important as who they are and not just as a family member. I think this is particularly important for children this age, not really a child anymore, but not quite a teenager yet either. I remember that this time in my life left me feeling very lost and unsure of who I was or who I was supposed to become.

In fact, it’s probably very common to feel that way, but because tween’s are so vulnerable, they may not share their feelings leaving them feeling as if they are alone. I think that having a portrait at this age where the photographer has pulled beauty and personality out of you and captured it for all time is a priceless gift. It becomes a reflection that intrigues you. The sparkle in your eye makes you wonder if there is something inside you that you didn’t know was there. Unfortunately, that is a portrait I don’t own, but that doesn’t mean your daughter can’t. It is a gift she will cherish forever.

Location: Wiscasset, Maine.