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Studio Style Portraits in Clinton, Maine

When this image came up on the back of my screen, I gasped. And then I spent the next few days staring at it on my camera’s LCD before I even started retouching it. Watching people come into their own power and capturing that for all time is my favorite part of this job. Now maybe my attraction to this image was because this was my little sister. Or maybe I was just overwhelmed by the power of it, but this is definitely one of the images I am most proud of in my portfolio.

There are so many things that make this photo stunning. The first is how it is lit. This is one of my favorite lighting setups that I learned from portrait master photographer, Sue Bryce. She calls it contrast backlight which basically means that your backdrop and subject’s back is to the light source and light is bounced back to the subject with a reflector. This method of lighting creates a beautiful natural hair light that I’ve never found a better way to make.

The styling in this photograph also brings it to the next level. She wore a basic black three quarter sleeve t shirt with a swing hemline. Underneath that was an olive green camisole to raise the neckline. The top did not distract from her face at all because it was so simple. It allowed her true beauty to shine through and beyond what she was wearing.

Finally, her hair styling was incredible. The stylist for the day was Kendra who is one of my favorite stylists to work with. I asked for a very loose brushed out curl, but I honestly didn’t expect it to turn out as amazingly as it did! It was the perfect amount of volume and soft wave and it is a look that I want to reproduce for every client that walks in my home studio’s door.

Location: Mexico, Maine.