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Studio Portraits in Clinton, Maine

I’m not photogenic. I hear this sentence so often and it makes me sad every time I do because it’s simply not true. Most people attribute unattractive photographs to themselves. They assume that it is their fault when they don’t look good in a picture. The truth is the person taking the photograph has the most influence of how the people in the photo look.

Most snapshots are taken on cell phones and most phones are equipped with a 35mm lens. This is significant because the field of view given by a 35mm lens is very different than what the human eye sees. In fact, this kind of lens tends to stretch objects (or people) at the edge of an image and make them look larger than they really are. Additionally, whatever is closer to the camera looks the largest, so those who get stuck on either end of a group picture are often left wondering if they really look like that!

So how does this information help you, oh unphotogenic one? Well for starters, you can make sure you’reas close to the center of a photo as possible. This will ensure that there is as little distortion as possible applied to your body in the photograph. However, some distortion can serve you well so pushing parts of your body that you don’t want emphasized away from the camera will make them look smaller.

These are just a couple of tricks to looking better in photographs, but if you really want a beautiful portrait of yourself then you need to go to a professional photographer trained to make people look incredible no matter how photogenic they may or may not think they are. Because, you see, it’s the photographer’s job to make anyone look great in photos.

Location: Wiscasset, Maine.