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Portrait Photography Studio in Clinton, Maine

The majority of the time, portrait sessions take place at my home studio in Clinton, Maine. This usually works best because there is a designated space for everything. I have a styling table in one corner, a big beautiful gold framed mirror, a product table and refreshments, along with all of my gear that is often too much to travel with. But, the truth is, that my studio can become as simple as a backdrop, a camera, and a window. And if I can find those three things together, I can make beautiful portraits anywhere.

That just happened to be the case with this photoshoot. My home studio is on the coast of Maine so sometimes my clients travel well over an hour to their photoshoot. This time, I decided to travel to my client because I was already going to be in the area on the date we had scheduled. Surprisingly enough, this photograph was taken in one of the Sunday School rooms at her church In Mexico, Maine. But you can’t tell because we had the perfect trifecta: a beautiful backdrop, amazing light, and my trusty Nikon D3. We needed nothing more to create a stunning portrait and this is actually one of my favorites from her shoot.

Location: 9 Brown Street, Mexico, Maine.