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Clinton Studio Portrait Photographer

Women can naturally come up with millions of excuses not to be photographed. When we are young, it’s our self confidence (or the lack thereof) that keeps us from getting in front of the camera. It’s the unclear skin and uncinched waist. As children come along, our identity often becomes wrapped up in them. After all, we are no longer Kate or Jessica; rather, we become Blair’s Mom (and Daniel’s, and Jacob’s). And because you begin to feel invisible as a person before everyone else, you begin to feel invisible to yourself too. Everything you do, you do for your family. Self care can wait as long as someone you love has a need.

Then as your child rearing years come to an end with college send offs, you’re alone again only to find someone very different than the person that existed before your children did. The years of self-care and love that were put off now come to fruition and you begin to rediscover yourself. You’ve been through things. Perhaps you’ve let go of some relationships. You’re wiser than when you were worried about what people thought of you as a new mom. You trust your intuition and think perhaps it’s time for there to be a record of me.

But now there are a whole new set of problems. Laugh and smile lines and soft, peachy skin have replaced pimples. Carrying your children has left it’s mark on your body. The unwanted curves may now be replaced by loose skin. And you think, no one wants to see this. But the truth is, if you’re brave enough, someday, your children and all that follow them will find your portrait. They will see the mom who always put them first and who smiled more than she ever frowned. They will see a woman who loved without measure and will be overjoyed that she finally turned some of that love inward.

Location: Wiscasset, Maine.