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Clinton Indoor Studio Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is unique. I say that in the sense that people rarely find a reason to engage a professional portrait photographer. Unlike a wedding or barmitzvah or any other event, hiring a photographer isn’t usually top of mind for most people throughout the course of their daily lives. But that isn’t to say that people don’t recognize the value of portraits and capturing moments in their every day lives. After all, you would be hard pressed to find a cell phone on the market that does not feature a camera. And there is usually someone in every family that announces that a picture needs to be taken of the five generations at their annual family reunion.

But I think the reason that most people don’t think to hire a professional is because we don’t realize how important that moment will be in the future until we are in the throws of it. I myself, a PROFESSIONAL portrait photographer, am guilty of this. It’s often my husband that stops a moment saying, “Wait!” and runs around the corner to grab one of our camera phones. It’s not really that we’re more adept at seeing moments or knowing what images you will treasure one day. After all, this is YOUR family. They are the people that YOU love. Who could know them better than you?

Our value lies more in our skills to capture those moments in the right light and the right position. And mostly importantly, our value lies in our ability to allow you to be in your own memories. Visibly and not just as the finger that clicked the shutter.

Location: 9 Brown Street, Mexico, Maine.