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Clinton Indoor Portraits

This is the first photoshoot that I got to use my huge, epic octabox with a flash! And I immediately fell in love with this kind of lighting. An octabox is basically a way to amplify light. It is a half sphere that fits around a small light source like a speed light and spreads the light out through two panels of white fabric. Then my light source transforms from a one inch by two inch rectangle of light to a five foot diameter, eight sided box. This, in turn, creates a big, beautiful light source that defines chins, creates epic cheekbones, and can sculpt bodies that can’t be rivelled by much else.

It has become one of my favorite ways to shoot for several reasons. The first, is obviously how great it makes my clients look straight out of camera for all of the reasons I listed above. Another is that it is so easy to control. If my backdrop doesn’t work in front of the window, or the light is too harsh at that moment, I can move my client and bring my light with me! It’s brilliant! Finally, I love how working with a flash frees me from time constraints. I could shoot at night if I needed to and my images would be just as gorgeous.

Location: Wiscasset, Maine .