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Clinton Fashion Style Senior Pictures

Every image in my final presentation to my client is finished in a program called Exposure by Alien Skin. It is a fully functional editing program that has an incredible library of digitally recreated film filters ranging all the way back to the beginning of photography time. Personally, I have never shot film (although I would love to learn someday), but in using this software, I have to say that I am totally in love with the look of film. Some of my favorite filters are the black and white Polaroid filters and I’ve found that it only takes a little bit to make a photo pop.

The filter I chose for this image made my jaw drop as soon as I saw it. This filter has blown highlights and a grittiness to it that reminds my of photos of the 90s supermodels. That’s exactly what I want my portraits to evoke: magazine style, model for a day, portraits. I believe that this film overlay brings this portrait to the next level by emphasizing Abigail’s deep, dark chocolate brown eyes and voluminous, loosely waved, dirty blonde locks. All on her own, she is gorgeous and the filter only enhances her beauty.

Location: Mexico, Maine.